Exploring creativity as a state of pure art, whether it’s a rushing project or an exploding “WOW” project, our creative & passionate team is prep ready to get it done right. Designing a unique message which creates an awareness position in the marketplace to attract clients toward your brand.n

Backdrop Design, Suria KLCC

Family Day Design, Abbott

CNY Property Fair, NEM

Logo Design, Dai Kum Jie

Logo Design, EHG

Logo Design, Malt Fairy

Money Packet Design, 6 Champ

Ticketing Design, Panasonic

Logo Design, WIldcat Events

Logo Design, Cun Yi

Property Poster, TR Resisdence

CNY Poster, Fork Up Nation

Logo Design, PY Ooi Law Firm

Logo Design, EHG

Thank You Card, Desistyle Wedding

Business Card Design, Western Motors

Banner Design, Zebra Technologies

Poster Design, JHair Salon

Logo Design, Pine Three

Logo Design, Xun Bao Huang

Company Profile, Corp Connect

Web Design, Think Doodle Creative House

Web Design, Puristo Design

Greeting Card Design, Henry Realty

Promotion Poster, Royal Polo

Annual Dinner Design, DUFU

Logo Design, Cun Yi

MastHead Design, Grand Fest

Logo Design, Malt Fairy


Ticketing Design, Abbott

Logo Design, Xun Bao Huang

Logo Design, Xun Bao Huang

Hiring Poster, Catvogue Events

Malaysia Day Poster, TF-AMD

Logo Design, Tierra Residence

Logo Design, AVG Film Production

Seasonal Greeting Design, CHI Fitness

Business Card Design, Sharifah Ooi Law Firm

Banner Design, Style Flash Makeup

Voucher Design, Style Flash

Logo Design, Pine Three

Logo Design, Gingerbell Soap

Booklet Design, CHI Fitness

Web Design, Puristo Design

Web Design, Catvogue Events

Official Launching, Zebra

Photobooth Design, Penn Lube

Promotional Design, CHI Fitness

Logo Design, 28 Events

Malaysia Day Design, TF AMD

Logo Design, Malt Fairy

Red Packet Design, KD Trainer

Packaging Design, Carver's

Company Stamp Design, GeoDesign Studio

Logo Design, Cun Yi

Branch Launching Poster, CHI Fitness

Annual Dinner Poster, Kerry

Logo Design, CAD Models

Logo Design, Henry Realty

Billbook Design, Rego Kitchen

Business Card Design, Western Motors

Banner Design, Kelly Makeup

Voucher Design, Christy Makeup

Logo Design, Pine Three

Logo Design, Sharifah Ooi Law Firm

Company Profile, 28 Design

Web Design, OSH Architecture

Web Design, Alpine Equipment